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Our Valued Customers

Our Proven Solutions

For over 50 years, Zippertubing has offered innovative engineered solutions to the world's problems through it's products. Our products have been developed and manufactured by experienced professionals that have decades of experience in their specific fields. These solutions offer a broad range of different application types and characteristics to target specific problems and provide a high quality versatile solution to our customers.

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Wire Bundling
& Cable Management

Our wire and cable bundling product lines afford you the opportunity to add additional Abrasion protection, Chemical resistance or Insulation.
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Electro Magnetic
Interference Shielding

Zippertubing provides to it's customers, EMI shielding design, prototyping and custom, high-volume production.
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Thermal Protection
& Management

Our heat protection products are not solely limited to tubular forms for cables and pipes alone, they can also be produced in custom forms and shapes.
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Heat Shrink Tubing
& Side Entry Wraps

Zippertubing offers a variety of heat shrink products from traditional heat shrink tubing to side-entry heat shrink wraps that are great for easy installations.
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Towed & Moored
Cable Fairings

Because vibrations and noise cause EMI/RFI interference in sensitive equipment, Zippertubing has developed marine fairings to solve this issue.
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Installation Plier
& Slider Tools

We offer a suite of tools designed for closing ZiPPERTUBiNG pressure-track products in production line applications and field installations.

Quality Materials

Zippertubing offers a wide array of fabrics, materials and closures for your custom project. Our materials provide effective solutions for your needs including EMI Sheilding, Fire Retardance and Cable Management. Most of our raw materials can be custom combined to create the perfect solution you are looking for.

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EMI Shielding

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Heat Reflective

Closure Options

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Pressure Tracks
Permanent Closures
Snap Fasteners
Adhesive Tapes
Conventional Zippers
Hook and Loop

Custom Solutions

Zippertubing has prided itself on being the leading provider of Custom Jacketing and Cable Management, EMI Shielding Solutions and Custom Designed and Engineered Enclosures for over 50 years. We have the equipment and know-how to deliver results beyond the expectations of our customers. With our in-house team of full-time engineers, you can rest assured that we will be able to tackle the project no matter the size or complexity.


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Build a Solution

Zippertubing's proven products address many common industry problems. However, when custom applications are necessary, we offer many raw materials and access to our engineering team to ensure you specific results.

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Our Capabilities

With over 50 years of experience in providing some of the most advanced solutions in the world, we have the machinery, processes and expertise to accomplish exceptional results.

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Case Studies

Zippertubing has developed thousands of custom solutions for our customers. Read case studies that focus on the in-depth and up-close look at the materials used on these particular solutions.

Custom Application Photos

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